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Episode 16

3 Mindset Hacks to Grow Your Business

After a longer than expected hiatus, I've returned to creating my podcast fully refreshed and energized! A lot has happened in my life since my last episode. I got married and had my honeymoon in Italy, which was amazing! In today's episode we'll talk about my 3 Mindset Hacks to Grow Your Business. Mindset work is very important when it comes to being an entrepreneur and I'm going to walk you through my top 3 hacks that have also helped me with my business.

Episode 15

Shannon was a child/teen actor who fell in love with the entertainment industry and became a casting associate. While working as a casting associate, she had a gut feeling that she was meant to do more with her career. She realized that she wanted to help fellow actors with their mindset, auditions, confidence, as she intuitively knew there was a need to help and became a career coach for actors. 

Episode 14

Holly was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2008, and with that diagnosis she thought this was the end of the world. After being hospitalized 6 times,  Holly realized that she needed to up her knowledge with how to live with her chronic illness. 



Episode 13

Olivia is a woman’s health coach and personal trainer. She helps women find balance in their lives and helps them beat burnout; which is more common nowadays.  Despite having a  9-5 corporate job, her drive and passion grows strong each day as she continues to grow and scale her business.


Episode 12

From Blogger to Online Dating Coach with Liv Talley

Liv is an online dating coach who initially started her career as a blogger.  Reconnecting with Leah (her now coach/mentor) has tremendously altered her career path and has inspired her to be her own boss. 



Episode 11

From Law School Students to Six-Figure Months with Leah Gervais

Leah is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs that have that kind of  type A, drive and ambition that they had for their corporate job and help them apply to building something that is their own.


Episode 10

When I first started my business I wanted the freedom to not only do the fun things such as travel and make my own schedule but to show up when I felt intentional and to also take the time off when I needed to rest.


Episode 9

Carissa Corsi is a professional wedding & event planner. Hear her journey with becoming an entrepreneur, not being afraid to jump in  and being able to practice abundance. 


Episode 8

Find out what are the top 5 myths on starting your own online business. It may not be a linear path and may be a bumpy road at first, but it can be the best thing that can ever happen to you!

Episode 7

I’m going to be sharing with you my 5 top tips for helping you to get started with Facebook & Instagram ads. It will help you grow your business and audience.

Episode 6

My PCOS & Endometriosis Journey

After going through years of severe pain and irregular periods, with no help or assistance from medical professionals,  I FINALLY got the answers that I needed so that I can take action in feeling better and getting my life back!

Episode 5

Money Mindset & Passive Income with Joanne Wetzel

Joanne Wetzel is a passive income coach, podcast host, and Youtube content creator who helps service-based business owners to monetize their expertise!

Episode 4

Health Hacks for Digital Entrepreneurs with Briana Ward

Briana is a nutritionist and working towards becoming a registered dietitian. She’s learned a lot  throughout her experiences and she’s my go-to person for honest nutrition advice.

Episode 3

Content, Design, & Authenticity with Emily Becker

Emily is a graphic designer by day and she also pursues her own blog and content creation on the side. She thrives at combining stunning aesthetics with authenticity. 

Episode 2

From Fired to 5-Figure Months in Five Steps

Thinking of starting your own business and not sure where to start? Learn the five steps that started helped me to start, pivot and grow my business.

Episode 1

Intro: Digital Badass Radio with Emma Henderson

I'm Emma and I am the founder of Digital Nomad Marketing Co. Learn how I got started as an online  entrepreneur and how you can too!

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